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Celeroton, worldwide leading supplier of compressors for fuel cell systems presents his latest model CT-2000 for mass market

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Celeroton, worldwide leading supplier of compressors for fuel cell systems presents his latest model CT-2000 for mass market.

Modern fuel cell systems operate under overpressure and require compressor technology for this purpose. The first choice for such units are the completely oil-free turbo compressors manufactured by Celeroton AG, which operate as an air supply on the cathode side.

The strongest growth is in the fuel cell market with net power from 30 to 60 kW, with use in light commercial vehicles, forklifts, stationary and various other applications.

The new CT-2000 turbo compressor system with the CC-2000 converter is specially developed to meet automotive requirements, precisely for these market segments.

It offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio with significantly increased values for air mass flow and pressure ratio compared to the predecessor type, with further reduction of installation space and simultaneous increase in efficiency.

During the development, the design was revised without compromising series production. The special advantage of the new system is based on the adherence to elements that have proven themselves over many years, such as the air bearing, combined with the possibilities of the most modern manufacturing technologies and materials, technically simplifying production.

This results in significant advantages due to the savings in materials and machining, assembly and commissioning processes, creating a particularly attractive price/performance ratio.

The result is remarkable: Weight and volume savings of 40% compared to its predecessor, with 10% increased performance at about 13% increased maximum speed.

About Celeroton AG

We reduce volume and weight with high rotational speed. Celeroton is the world’s leading supplier of gas-bearing turbo compressors. We are a system provider for compressors including converters for fuel cells, noble gas recirculation and compression, gas recovery, pneumatics, cryogenics, clean/sterile air supply and other industrial applications.

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors with contact-free and oil-free gas bearings enable outstanding solutions in terms of compactness, service life and performance. Compared to compressors with standard speeds, our systems are significantly lighter and smaller as well as extremely efficient.

With all system expertise under one roof, Celeroton connects all interdisciplinary technology areas to create one functioning and optimized overall system. This system approach guarantees a solution with an electrically driven turbo compressor and matching converter from a single source through one single point of contact. For more information, please visit: www.celeroton.com

Interested? For more details contact Martin Bartholet – info@celeroton.com

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