Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer Kits

Benchtop fuel cell/electrolyzer kits developed by SERC allow instructors to introduce the concepts and processes whereby hydrogen can be produced electrolytically and used to generate electric power. The kits are designed and instrumented to allow students to make efficiency measurements at each step of this cyclic process.

The fuel cell/electrolyzer kit can be used in courses such as freshman level introduction to engineering or junior level introduction to thermodynamics. The equipment and lab activities are designed to allow instructors to incorporate hydrogen and fuel cell concepts into these classes while simultaneously teaching general laboratory and engineering concepts and techniques normally included in such classes.

Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer Kit Instructor Guide

See the Curriculum section for additional fuel cell/electrolyzer kit materials.

Students from a Humboldt State University's Engineering 115 are seen running the hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer lab

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